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Permanent Revolution V2R

Permanent Revolution V2R by Rizomorph on Mixcloud


Digging in the ‘vaults’ I found this mix I did for the second half of a contemporary dance production from Union Dance Company. The show was inspired by my gallery installation and CD-ROM pieces Permanent Revolution. One of the challenges posed by working with the choreographer of this piece, Doug Elkins, is that he choreographs to each individual musical segment separately. With limited rehearsal time and after agreeing on the tracks to be used for each piece – a mixture of suggestions from myself and his own selections – Doug would spend most of the rehearsal period working on choreography for each track in isolation before deciding on an order in which to sequence the whole piece. I would then have to try and make narrative and musical sense of sequencing and mixing the tracks. With what little time was left Doug would then create choreography for the musical transitions I created between the pieces.

There’s some of my own music in there and on this project I chose to remix many of the sourced pieces to make sense of the order. Cleveland Watkiss was brought in to add more vocals to those he originally recorded on Talvin Singh’s “Traveller” (Cleveland sings in the same style on my track “Appropriated Frame”) and Cecile’s dance hall hit “Changes” has strings from “Traveller” reprised with additional Tabla from yours truly ( – couldn’t get Talvin in the studio in time!). With these giants of music joining me on this score, Union Dance got some serious value for money! It definitely was a challenge, but listening back so long after the event, I think it stands up as a mix in its own right. I wouldn’t have thought it at the time.

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