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The Return of Project 23

The first ever live Drum n’ Bass band featuring jazz vocalist Cleveland Watkiss and super-human drummer Marque Gilmore, ‘the inna•most’ are back to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of their “landmark album” “23”.

The Creative Skillset Film & TV Launchpad

“Being an outsider is an asset not a hindrance.” Leslee Udwin, producer of East Is East and West Is West and director/producer of the documentary India’s Daughter, laid out what became a key theme of an amazing day of engagement, connections and huge talent.

YMV Promo #1

The first YMV viral video cut together from some of the material generated at a preview gig at London’s Mau Mau and during our development residency at Yinka Shonibare’s Guest Projects studio. It’s NOT a cover of the Dramatics song “In The Rain” – as much as we love the song. It’s in the very nature of YMV’s improvisation […]

Introducing YMV

After years of collaboration in different combinations on various projects, friends and co-conspirators Cleveland Watkiss, Orphy Robinson and Derek Richards are about to debut the long-term project they’ve been dreaming of and talking about for over a decade. Their combined journeys span the history of Black British Music and the emergence of digital creativity. They’ve […]

Eclectic Electric at the London Jazz Festival

So yesterday I mentioned an event I was getting some imagery together for that led me to theInfinite Jukebox. Well this is the gig. Coming out of the Jazz Warriors International stable which is programming all over this year’s London Jazz Festival, it’s rooted in Cleveland Watkiss’s and Orphy Robinson’s ambition to disrupt the stagnant convention of the jazz jam […]

Southbank Revolutions

  So rizomorph is still creating video idents, DJing and doing all things technical and design wise for StorySLAM:LIve. Above is the video loop created for the September 2013 event which used the Southbank Centre’s seasonal them of “Revolution”. Below is a short screen recording showing how it was used within the bespoke show control […]

VJ or…?

So recently I’ve found myself back doing this ‘VJing’ thing again and it’s making me reflect on the whole scene a bit. It’s something I first started doing back in 1995 when no one knew what a VJ was. When it first became a job title it felt like some sort of apology that you […]

From The African Messiah to The Griot’s Tale

Last summer smack in the middle of the Paralympics – in fact is was part of Deloitte’s contribution to the Cultural Olympiad – while the whole of London was wearing a big smile, I returned to working with Tunde Jegede on an oratario commissioned by Yinka Shonibare for the Royal Opera House. African Messiah is an […]


#TruthAndYouth The following was originally posted by yours truly on the Hi8us-South website on May 16th, 2013 The recent surge in cinema audiences and media coverage for documentary film has got us all excited about the potential of our artform. And about more than just our status in the market place. Most of us choose to […]

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