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Making Things in a Digital World

Just read an interesting paper from last year by David Gauntlett (author of Making Is Connecting) which can be downloaded here. It discusses the following six theses which I think I’m going to pin up on the studio/office wall. In fact I think I might have them printed onto a wallet sized crib card. 1. The internet […]

Welcome to HyperJAM the home of rizomorph

This is the web archive of performance and technology production company, HyperJAM and the online hub of its Artistic Director, interdisciplinary artist and producer Derek Richards aka 'rizomorph'. HyperJAM led the way in applications of interactive multimedia to live performance - connecting venues and audiences around the world for real time collaborative performances and producing interactive projections and soundscapes for theatre, music, dance and the occasional corporate event. Today Derek combines this history with his experience in participatory practice (youth & community) to deliver cross-platform arts & media projects and to consult on digital engagement, cultural programming and civic participation.


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